Our Venue

Collins Place Venue, located in the “Hospitality City” of Cairo in South Georgia, is fully equipped to help you host all types of family and corporate gatherings.

For over 100 years, family, friends, and strangers alike have attended gatherings of all sorts on these grounds, where they were treated with grace and hospitality. Our family farmhouse, now fully restored to sleep 8 comfortably, has been a site to many who have gathered to simply enjoy time together celebrating milestones of life. It is a safe place to come and connect with others. We believe that when you step outside of your busy day-to-day life and make the effort to spend precious time with family and friends, something magical will happen. The worries of the world will seem to dim a bit as the healing of laughter and joy fill the air. 

If you choose to allow us to host your event, it is our hope that your gathering will be one where your guests leave feeling like they took a step back in time to when conversations and connections were warm and memorable, and love and laughter was plentiful. 

Our Family

Our Little White Chapel

Our Mills

Our Fireplace

Our Farm